we wish you a merry christmas...
looking back & leaning forward.

ventage tuesday : peace on earth.

Happy Ventage Tuesday Christmas! It's bound to be an abbreviated sort of day, given that 3 of the 5 Ventage Girls have littles underfoot. My "littles" have driven themselves over to their Dad's house for a Christmas dinner, so I have some quiet keyboard time. Barb suggested that today's topic be "things that make you feel peaceful." Seems like a fitting theme for the day...

1. Knowing that my kids are loved. We were joined for brunch today by Hope & Austin's Dad, and then said "Merry Christmas" via Skype to Hope's father. We are choosing kindness...and that brings me great peace. 

2. The first cup of coffee. I've made more space for gentle mornings this year (even when they make me late for work). I'm not always successful, but when I do manage to really savor that first cup of coffee? Insta-peace.

3. Meditation. It sounds funny to say that this one is hard-won, but it is. Meditation isn't easy. Monkey mind derails me all the freakin' time. I'm still not confident enough to say that I have a regular practice, but I'm getting more & more consistent. Sitting = peace.

4. Writing. One of my intentions for 2013 is to write more. I'm firing my critic, and rewriting my censor's guidelines. I want to blog more, journal more, contribute more, tweet more, and (yes, Katherine!) maybe finally start writing a book. Words bring peace. 

5. Alone time. I am, and forever will be, an introvert. I crave my alone time, and often spend it in silence. Thanks to Gabrielle Bernstein's writing/teaching, I'm learning so much about finding peace within myself. 

I hope that this holiday has brought you moments of great joy, and so much peace.