ventage tuesday : peace on earth.
2013 one little word : soar.

looking back & leaning forward.

20122013Oh heeeyyy, last weekend of twenty-twelve! My days tend to blur together at this time of the year, thanks to days off, short workdays, and (let's be honest) wine & sugar indulgence. My big plans of having daily Reverb posts and really deep reflection...well, yeah.

So, I'm taking stock of where I've been, and making plans for where I'm going...

2012 : Twelve Practices - My twelve practices ebbed & flowed A LOT. The bread-making was replaced with the local bread option through my CSA. My exercise practice was consistently derailed by back pain, BUT I still managed to clock enough gym time to satisfy my work-sponsored wellness plan. I still struggle with the calendar practice (which is SO WEIRD for a project manager to say). 

Project Life - I'm finishing up December, and then closing the books on 2012. I am so very, very glad that I kept up with this project. It turned the-year-with-lots-of-challenges into the-year-with-lots-of-memories. I'm super anxious to get started on 2013's albums. 

OLW - I wrote about this on my Reverb blog - here. SHIFT was an amazing one little word experience. 

2012 : Manifesto - This was an awesome guide for the year. I'm planning on making a new one for 2013. 

In the category of "where I'm going"...

Project Life and One Little Word - for sure

A Happiness Project - I read The Happiness Project in 2010, and hosted an online book club for it. I loved the book, and the resulting discussions. For 2013, I'm going to be playing with my own Happiness Project as a way of capturing resolutions, goals, & practices. I'm pretty much forcing Barb to join me. I'm also thinking of starting a local "meet-up" group for it...need to get brave for that! 

Book Turn - A new blog! I mentioned a while back that I was thinking about dedicating some virtual space to book reviews. Book Turn begins!

I'm spending the next few days revamping vision boards, working on Project Life, drinking a lot of hot tea, and watching the snow fall. What are you up to?