ventage tuesday : on thursday.
sending so much love to newtown.

hello monday : hello reverb12

Hello Reverb12
- So, when I pretty much shouted YES! to Lee's Reverb12 challenge, I didn't factor in the fact that I was leaving on Nov 30th for a solid week of travel. Oops. I'm now in the process of catching up (ugh. If it's not one thing, it's another!). I set up a new blog to capture my responses. I hope you'll visit....and maybe comment. Pretty please? 

Hello cocktail party - I'm hosting my work team at my house on Wed. Really looking forward to relaxing with the people that I spend so much time stressing out with. 

Hello chocolate covered cherries - confession: they contain HFCS. I know. I know!! I simply cannot resist them. If you know of a natural alternative (that I don't have to add to my "to make" list), please clue me in. 

Hello Christmas cards - after wasting way too much time deliberating, and deciding that I simply didn't want to "invest" in high-end cards....I am the proud owner of 75 Costco photo cards. Shift your expectations, people.

Hello Scandal - oh. my. goodness. Must watch last week's episode again. Hot. Totally hot.

Hello never-ending kitchen clean-up - sigh. It's the bane of my existence. Austin said "well, I guess we could stop eating?" 

What did you say hello to today? 

Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.