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ventage tuesday : thanksgiving faves


It's Tuesday...and more specifically, it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving here in the states. For everyone wondering/, Hope does not come home for American Thanksgiving. She celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month with friends. Yes, that makes me sad. :( Austin & I will be joined by Rob for Thanksgiving Dinner (as Austin said "dude, we make our own rules.") In prep for the holiday, the Ventage girls are sharing 5 Thanksgiving Faves...

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Fave #1 - Mashed Potatoes. A favorite in our house. Made with real butter & cream. With a little extra butter for good measure. 

Fave #2 - A non-turkey main dish. Last year, we had lobster tails. This year, it's Celebration Roast. I giggle at the people who are appalled that I don't serve turkey on Thanksgiving. Apparently, I'm supposed to take a hall pass on the whole I don't eat meat thing for the holiday. DO NOT get me started on the people who will act like Thanksgiving isn't "real" w/o turkey...but will then start telling me to put the Christ back in Xmas on Friday. 

Fave #3 - A rousing game of Aggravation. My Grandma Bea loved Aggravation. My kids didn't get to grow up having Thanksgiving with Grandma Bea, but they are carrying on the tradition of the game. As Grandma would say "you're going to town now!"...

Fave #4 - Pumpkin Pie. With a lot more whipped cream than what is shown in this photo. Like, A LOT more.

Fave #5 - Black Friday Ads. I have no plans on going shopping on Black Friday (although I've done it many, many times). I don't normally get the newspaper. I'll pick up a paper on Thursday for the sole purpose of paging through the ads. I think it's fascinating to see what the "must have" items are for the year...especially when they are totally unnecessary. 

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