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ventage tuesday : five fun facts.


Does it surprise anyone that I'm running late posting this? Hmmm. Didn't think so. Today's Ventage Tuesday post is supposed to be five random/fun/little known facts about ourselves. I'm not sure that I can think of 5 facts that I haven't talked about before! I'll try - but no apologies for repeats. 

1. I can see - and memorize - color very accurately. Yes, that's really a thing. This skill comes in handy with scrapbooking AND color cosmetic development. It also means that you really don't want to be the guy mixing paint for me at Lowe's. I'm kind of a pain.

2. I only spell "immediately" and "separately" correctly 80% of the time. I am spelling-bee-good at spelling...but those words trip me up. Thank god for spell check! (proof positive - I spelled separately wrong when I first wrote this post)

3. I was born with a congenital eye movement disorder called Duane's Syndrome. I turn my head to the left to compensate. I don't notice that I'm doing it, which really irritates the DMV when I have my license photo taken (DMV - please look straight ahead. Me - I am. DMV - ma'am, please look straight ahead. Me - I AM!!!). It also means that if I have my picture taken with you, I want to stand to your right. Otherwise, it looks like I'm leaning away from you.

4. I can't parallel park. Sometimes I get lucky, but I usually give up and just drive until I find a pull in spot. Even if that means walking blocks out of my way.

5. I didn't really learn to cook until I was well into my thirties. Signature meals in my twenties were hamburger helper, frozen pot pies, and various other entrees that required reading the instructions on the side of the box. My Great-Grandmother was a VERY good cook, and I wish that I would have had the opportunity to serve her an excellent meal. I think that she would be proud of my culinary skills. :)

So, there ya have it - five things that you probably didn't need to know about me! Be sure to check out Angie, Steph, Barb, and Emily....