ventage tuesday : wish I may, wish I might.
project life : week forty-four

the power(ball) of abundance.


I'll admit - I'm a bit caught up in Powerball fever tonight. I bought 3 tickets, and for once included the Powerplay. I don't play the lottery regularly, although I'll admit to occasionally having one of the days when the universe seems to have lined up everything for you (parking spots, a $5 dollar bill in your jacket pocket, the shortest line at the market) - and you think that you should really take advantage of that luck. In that moment, winning $2 seems like the best thing ever.

Austin and I strategized over dinner. When would we tell Hope? (answer: after midterms) What cars would be buy? (Austin - a vintage??? 80s BMW. Me - a BMW X1) How would our life change? 

I won't say that I wouldn't buy a few toys - the BMW X1 being a part of that list. I would likely buy a smaller, newer house - and have some charity-related ideas on what to do with this one. Austin & I agreed that his junior year will be a homeschool/travel year. We'll hire a housekeeper & a groundskeeper b/c that will just make life easier. All of those things would enhance my life, but the following would really change my life...

1. A house at the beach (west coast) - I picture something small, and a bit rustic. Not for parties & extravagance, but instead for writing & reflection. It needs to have a decent kitchen, a well-stocked wine fridge, an espresso machine, cable knit blankets, and lots of blank journals & sharpie pens. 

2. A steady schedule of inspiring workshops, retreats, and online classes - I've often thought of going back to university and finishing my degree. However, the more that I think about the learning that excites me, the more that I realize that it's a bit of an alternative path. 

3. Regular visits with friends. I am so fortunate to have friends all across the country (& in Canada!). I don't think that we need lavish vacations. I think that we need visits that are real & open & unscheduled...where we take home memories & photographs, not cheesy t-shirts & keychains. 

4. The opportunity to meet some wicked inspiring people. I don't really know how this would work. "Oh hi, I'm suddenly a bit rich, and I'd like to meet you for coffee. I'll buy." Or something. Elizabeth Gilbert, Dani Shapiro, Brene Brown, and Gabby Bernstein...pencil it in. 

What's on your powerball abundance list?