project life : 2013 plans.
ventage tuesday : five fun facts.

project life : weeks thirty-six & thirty-seven

W36fullI struggled with this week. It's the first full week in volume 3 (I haven't done the opening page yet). Nothing felt right....but it's done. Moving on. 

W36leftDate cards for September were made in PSE. Super simple. W36 kicked off with brunch for my 2 favorite chemists.  W36rightW36 ended with wine from a chicken, an email from a winemaker, and a movie with 2 of my favorite friends/co-workers.  W36evidenceAs evidence that Project Life isn't always pretty pictures - I present junk food on my family room floor. Courtesy of Austin & his friends.  W37fullW37. I sometimes fall back on scrapbooking design principles - see the visual triangle with eat, washi tape, and 9.14.12?  W37leftSimple, simple, simple. W37eatJotting down the menu for the week helped to fill in space.  W37rightThe upper right quote was torn from a magazine - the "note to self" add is a rubon from Fontwerks. That alone should tell you how much of a supply hoarder I am.  W37currentsCopying blog posts definitely makes Project Life a little easier. 

More catch-up planned this weekend!