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project life : week thirty-nine

project life : week thirty-eight

More catching up! I'm starting to feel like I'm back in my groove with this project....and that makes me happy! Here's week 38: 


One thing that you might notice - I'm not posting inserts. Why? Well, b/c there aren't any at this point. I have a few things that I want to go back & add, but my focus is on getting weeks caught up. 

W38textWeek 38 involved a lot of stress...but fortunately, there were no professional assassins after me. 

W38leftWeek 38 kicked off with breakfast w/Colleen. Mid-week included a pro se class at the court (required if you file for divorce w/o lawyers.)

W38ginWeek 38 involved the inagural bottle of gin.

W38rightMore Week 38 highlights - a home improvement class with Amy, an On-the-Spot award at work, smudging the house with clary sage, and the closing on my refinance. Oh...did I mention the gin?