project life : week forty-one.
project life : week forty-three.

project life : week forty-two

W42fullWeek 42 started out a little slow...but ended with some high-fives to the universe.

W42full2Week 42 full. I actually don't love all the white going on over on the right side...but meh. It's done!

W42leftWK42 left. Austin & I "built" a new desk for the family room - 2 sawhorses & a door. Done! We saw Argo (fantastic), and Austin celebrated Spirit Week at school. 

W42madmenFor Decade Day, he channeled Don Draper. I offered to write him a note to give permission to walk around school with a cocktail...but he didn't think that would go over very well. 

W42insertWK42 Insert - I included a manifesto from Danielle Laporte - or as Austin calls it "another manifesto that is basically like the hundreds of other manifestos that you have around here."

  W42shiftThe back of the insert is just my OLW. I've loved having custom flair with my OLW...definitely planning on doing that again for 2013.

W42rightWK42 right. If I was going to do this over again (which I'm not), I'd probably change that bottom card with my Moo cards. Love the cards....don't love the white background.

W42thankfulThe big news this week was that the court granted my motion to waive the 6 month waiting period for our divorce. We had purposely taken our time, and worked through EVERYTHING prior to the waiting period just felt like nonsense. I opted to NOT include lengthy journaling about the legal stuff...focusing on gratitude for the outcome instead.