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project life : week forty-two

project life : week forty-one.

Major catching up happening over here! Yay for 4 day weekends! 

W41fullweek 41 full. I really rely on emails, my blog, and instagram to remind me of what was going on in these weeks! 

W41leftW41 left. Not one, but TWO blog posts in this one - hello monday, and ventage tuesday. The Turning Endings into Beginnings card is courtesy of Barb - via Marc & Angel Hack Life

W41austinsaidI do love capturing Austin-isms. I email them to myself, or jot them down in my notepad on my phone. W41dalailamaOne simple insert this week - the info sheet from the Dalai Lama event. 

W41rightW41 right. It's really all about the Dalai Lama! That pattened paper 4x6 will have my event ticket added to it...when I find it. Oops. 

W41frombarbI had to include this funny email from Barb. Really, my friends are the best.


Added a QR code that links to the actual speech - used Cathy Zielske's Story Savers brush (modified a bit). 

Week 42 coming soon!