project life : week thirty-nine
a day of rest.

project life : week forty

Dude. Forty weeks of this project? I don't even care if I'm "behind" - I've completed 40 WEEKS of this project. Yeee haawww! 


WK40: Why yes, that IS the super-trendy big-photo-cut-into-pieces that you see there. I'm not ashamed to imitate/adopt genius creative ideas. 

Oh, this week just makes me happy. Must have something to do with those sparkly orange Thickers.

I do dig the large photo thing. I also dig avocado for breakfast. Can you tell?

Somebody special turned 16 this week! I'm planning to print out this blog post & slip it into an insert. 


This photo had a lot of indoor-light-sucky-color going on. Easy solution? Convert to black & white! 

You realize what this means, right? Only 5 weeks to get current (not including the week that we're in). Woot!