ventage tuesday : songs for the ride home.
project life : weeks thirty-six & thirty-seven

project life : 2013 plans.

Status: I am currently 7 weeks behind. I am undeterred. I am not only determined to "catch up" - I am really looking forward to my 2013 project. This has been my first year completing this project, so I'm giving myself a big "atta girl" for sticking with it. Here's the thing - I am so happy with, and so proud of, these albums. If you come to my house for dinner, expect that you'll be forced to look at my Project Life albums. What I love MOST about these albums is that they are a reminder that the yuck of this year was only part of the 2012 experience. Not one person has looked through these pages and said "wow. what a sucky life." In some ways, that has been a lifesaver. Project Life has reminded me to look for the good.

My general philosophy (read it here) won't change for 2013.  A few things about my process that will change - 

1. Buy a Project Life kit core kit. Right now, I'm leaning toward the Seafoam Edition. I went into 2012 wanting to use up a bunch of supplies that I already have. I have certainly made a dent, and I'm happy about that. However, I want/need the convenience of having stuff pretty much done. I'll continue mixing & matching, for sure, and I have no plans to abandon my hybrid ways. I just love the simplicity of a fall back plan.

2. Establish some repeaters. What's a repeater? It's my word for things like Elise's quote cards and Susan's calendar cards. Not only do I like the cadence that it lends, I like the simple fact that it's one thing that is already decided. I may follow the quote tradition, or might do a song/lyric of the week. I'll be doing a monthly calendar during the first week of every month. Not sure if it will be an insert, or just a card. 

3. Choose 4 core fonts. I spend an inordinate amount of time wandering through font sites and I end up coming back to the same handful of fonts anyway. So, I'm going to pick 4 fonts - a sans serif "all purpose", a headline, a script, and a wildcard (probs a typewriter font). 

4. Schedule Project Life time each week. I really fell off track during summer, when schedules were loosey-goosey. Having a specific time slot on my calendar should help with that (and might also help me continue to avoid housework, laundry, and bill paying). 

5. Organize photo files by week. I currently have monthly folders on my hard drive (and external hard drive - back up, folks!). I am going to add in weekly folders to reduce the amount of "huh? When did that happen??" time. 

6. Combine OLW & Project Life. I did not keep up with my OLW album this year. I think that Ali is brilliant, the prompts are fantastic, and I definitely honored my word this year. I think that combining the albums will help to keep my word even MORE present. Oh, and yes...I've chosen my word. More on that soon!

What did you learn about your process this year? What will you do the same or different?