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project life : week forty-seven

And...I'm caught up! Woooo hoooo!!!

W47full_insertW47 with 2 inserts. A sweet card from Steph, and a Thanksgiving insert. 

W47fullW47 sans inserts. 

W47leftFinished up Spirit Junkie. So much love for that book. Notice how my OLW is sprinkled throughout the quote.

W47insertThe front & back of the Thanksgiving insert. 

W47thanksgivingDigital Design Essentials flag.

W47rightAnother Cathy Zielske story saver, and a Kelly Purkey digital stamp. 

W47movemberApproximately 2.8 minutes after I took this picture, Austin shaved. He just couldn't take it anymore. 


project life : week forty-six

W46fullW46full. I didn't plan for the green-theme. It just happened!

W46leftIf we didn't have project life, what in the world would we do with all of our random photos of food?

W46beautyrushSometimes I need something mindless to do while I'm on conference calls - so I line up my latest projects on my cubicle wall. Don't laugh. Conference calls aren't always fun (and neither is color matching all of that pink!).

W46rightYes, I drank that smoothie. Delish.

W46movemberAustin looks strung out in this picture. I promise that he's not. I shouldn't wait until late at night to take photos! 

project life : week forty-four

W44fullThis was a week of very few photos.  W44leftThis was also the week of Hurricane Sandy. We were under watch here, but saw very little storm activity. (and yes, that's my dinner guests browsing through my PL albums. It's kinda required when you come to my house.)

W44menuAlthough the picture is less than stellar - the chocolate chip lava cookies were superb. 

W44rightI'm digging the Project Life Journaling Cards.

W44libraryOur library prints out this record when you check out - yeah, I pretty much save everything.


the power(ball) of abundance.


I'll admit - I'm a bit caught up in Powerball fever tonight. I bought 3 tickets, and for once included the Powerplay. I don't play the lottery regularly, although I'll admit to occasionally having one of the days when the universe seems to have lined up everything for you (parking spots, a $5 dollar bill in your jacket pocket, the shortest line at the market) - and you think that you should really take advantage of that luck. In that moment, winning $2 seems like the best thing ever.

Austin and I strategized over dinner. When would we tell Hope? (answer: after midterms) What cars would be buy? (Austin - a vintage??? 80s BMW. Me - a BMW X1) How would our life change? 

I won't say that I wouldn't buy a few toys - the BMW X1 being a part of that list. I would likely buy a smaller, newer house - and have some charity-related ideas on what to do with this one. Austin & I agreed that his junior year will be a homeschool/travel year. We'll hire a housekeeper & a groundskeeper b/c that will just make life easier. All of those things would enhance my life, but the following would really change my life...

1. A house at the beach (west coast) - I picture something small, and a bit rustic. Not for parties & extravagance, but instead for writing & reflection. It needs to have a decent kitchen, a well-stocked wine fridge, an espresso machine, cable knit blankets, and lots of blank journals & sharpie pens. 

2. A steady schedule of inspiring workshops, retreats, and online classes - I've often thought of going back to university and finishing my degree. However, the more that I think about the learning that excites me, the more that I realize that it's a bit of an alternative path. 

3. Regular visits with friends. I am so fortunate to have friends all across the country (& in Canada!). I don't think that we need lavish vacations. I think that we need visits that are real & open & unscheduled...where we take home memories & photographs, not cheesy t-shirts & keychains. 

4. The opportunity to meet some wicked inspiring people. I don't really know how this would work. "Oh hi, I'm suddenly a bit rich, and I'd like to meet you for coffee. I'll buy." Or something. Elizabeth Gilbert, Dani Shapiro, Brene Brown, and Gabby Bernstein...pencil it in. 

What's on your powerball abundance list?

ventage tuesday : wish I may, wish I might.

VentagetuesdaysIt has been an exceptionally challenging day. The opportunity to be a bit frivolous is welcomed. Today's Ventage Tuesday is a Christmas Wish List (and...since Barb and I have before & after birthdays...let's just consider this a Xmas/Bday list)....

1. this print. 2. this blender. 3. mala beads. 4. this milk frother. 5. this mug

If we're being indulgent, I'd really lke...

A Dyson.


Accomodations & a ticket to this weekend. Swoon.

hello monday : november 26

hello to the last week of November! You won't hear any "the year is ending too fast" from me - bring it! It's not that I'm slamming the door on 2012, it's just that I'm excited about the future.
hello to Reverb 12 beginning next week - can't wait! Hoping to get around to setting up a separate blog for my entries.
hello to seven new books headed my way - some new (wicked sale), some used ($0.99 + shipping? yes, please!), all self-help-ish. Ahem. 
hello to being 100% CAUGHT UP on Project Life. Holla!! I'll be posting the November weeks in the next few days. 
hello to only four more sleeps until I meet up with Barb & Kelly in NYC. Soooo looking forward to seeing these girls. 
hello to this awesome holiday pledge.  
hello to coconut nog (even better with a splash of Bailey's!)
What are you saying hello to? 

project life : week forty-three.

Wk43fullinsertWK43 - one thing that you'll notice about the "catching up" weeks - very little journaling. I'm thankful that photos can tell stories. 

W43leftWK43 left. Random bits of life. 

W43carAustin looked at this week & said "I like that you put Austin vs. tree on the opposite page from student of the month." Yin & yang, buddy.

Wk43rightWK43 right. Austin was honored as a Student of the Month. I love that they included the nomination letter on the back side of hte certificate. Since I'll put the certificate in his 10th grade file, I retyped the note for PL. 

Wk4322I blame Barb for the fact that I've listened to this Taylor Swift song about 2200 times. It's My Jam digi-stamp from Kelly Purkey (who will probably smack me for using her stamp with a TSwift lyric. Sorry KP!). 

And with that, I'm in the current month with PL - wooo hooo! 

project life : week forty-two

W42fullWeek 42 started out a little slow...but ended with some high-fives to the universe.

W42full2Week 42 full. I actually don't love all the white going on over on the right side...but meh. It's done!

W42leftWK42 left. Austin & I "built" a new desk for the family room - 2 sawhorses & a door. Done! We saw Argo (fantastic), and Austin celebrated Spirit Week at school. 

W42madmenFor Decade Day, he channeled Don Draper. I offered to write him a note to give permission to walk around school with a cocktail...but he didn't think that would go over very well. 

W42insertWK42 Insert - I included a manifesto from Danielle Laporte - or as Austin calls it "another manifesto that is basically like the hundreds of other manifestos that you have around here."

  W42shiftThe back of the insert is just my OLW. I've loved having custom flair with my OLW...definitely planning on doing that again for 2013.

W42rightWK42 right. If I was going to do this over again (which I'm not), I'd probably change that bottom card with my Moo cards. Love the cards....don't love the white background.

W42thankfulThe big news this week was that the court granted my motion to waive the 6 month waiting period for our divorce. We had purposely taken our time, and worked through EVERYTHING prior to the waiting period just felt like nonsense. I opted to NOT include lengthy journaling about the legal stuff...focusing on gratitude for the outcome instead.