project dig deep : WINNER!
ventage tuesday : wish I may, wish I might.

hello monday : november 26

hello to the last week of November! You won't hear any "the year is ending too fast" from me - bring it! It's not that I'm slamming the door on 2012, it's just that I'm excited about the future.
hello to Reverb 12 beginning next week - can't wait! Hoping to get around to setting up a separate blog for my entries.
hello to seven new books headed my way - some new (wicked sale), some used ($0.99 + shipping? yes, please!), all self-help-ish. Ahem. 
hello to being 100% CAUGHT UP on Project Life. Holla!! I'll be posting the November weeks in the next few days. 
hello to only four more sleeps until I meet up with Barb & Kelly in NYC. Soooo looking forward to seeing these girls. 
hello to this awesome holiday pledge.  
hello to coconut nog (even better with a splash of Bailey's!)
What are you saying hello to?