a day of rest.
project life : volume 3, cover page

five on friday.


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I am all sorts of restless today. Anxious for the work week to be over. Missing friends. Wishing that I had more money, more free time, and more ways to take care of those that I love. I'm heading out for a latte to calm myself down, but first, here's a random-ish five on friday...

1. I'm going to attempt to make sweet potato gnocchi this weekend. Any tips?

2. I can't wait for Silver Linings Playbook to come out. I mentioned this to Hope the other night, and she laughed and said "oh Madre, you and your Bradley Cooper." Ha! 

3. I blame Barb for my current guilty pleasure of T. Swift's We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together.

4. I downloaded these awesome calendar journaling cards for my 2013 Project Life. 

5. I have read this blog entry about 1,692 times in the past week. It's simply brilliant. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends.