november is all that i know.
hello monday : november

eat : kale panzanella salad

Eat_header_edited-1This is my "friday night salad." It's the salad that I most often toss together on a Friday night while catching up on Parenthood, Grey's, or Scandal. This salad makes me ridiculously happy. It's possible that you can hear me saying "this is sooo good" to myself every time that I eat it. 

Kalepanzanella   (love this graphic - turquoise edition extra elements)

Super simple instructions - 

*toss cubes of bread (day old works well) with olive oil & saute until lightly browned

*add cut-up tempeh to the same skillet, and lightly brown (you meat eaters could use bacon)

*tear kale into bite-sized bits (discard the stems) and toss into the skillet - you might want an extra drizzle of olive oil at this point - heat just until kale turns bright green (I don't like to let it wilt)

*toss with avocado, feta, and sea salt

*enjoy (talking to yourself is optional)

**ps. I keep intending to make this with cubed sweet potato or butternut squash...but I get impatient. Someday!

**pps. You should use the word "toss" as much as possible when talking about salad.