ventage tuesday : thanksgiving faves
project life : project dig deep.

11/21 wednesday on the web : the gratitude edition

Small confession: I have a stack of cards ready to be mailed for my 30 Days of Thank You. It's the thought, and the gratitude, that counts! Today, I want to say "thank you" to a handful of bloggers that are a part of my daily life -  
Ali Edwards - In addition to her crazy brilliant scrapbooking skills, Ali inspires me with her grace, her parenting, and her kindness. She is a great writer (a common thread among the folks you'll see in today's list), and has such a creative eye that she makes me see things in a different way. I don't often comment on her blog b/c my introvert nature whimpers at getting lost in the crowd. Ali, thank you for sharing your life & adding inspiration to my days. 
Ashley Ann @ Under the Sycamore Tree - I followed this family's adoption story with rapt attention. I cried tears of pure happiness when she posted about finally picking up her Little One. Her kids make me smile, and her creativity makes me want to be more creative. Oh, and she's from Oklahoma! Which must mean that we're related somehow. Wait, maybe that's only Caddo. Ashley Ann, thank you for letting your readers come along on your incredible journey. 
Amy Estes @ Coffee & Sunshine - I often send links to Amy's blog to friends with the simple intro of "this. YES." She's awesome. She practices yoga. She keeps it real. I want to have coffee with her. Amy, thank you for being a kindred spirit. 
Catherine @ Design Editor - I adore her Project Life. ADORE. I fully expect her to be on Becky's Creative Team. She is such a gifted person. Her friday font pics are spot-on, and her digi downloads are some of my faves. Catherine, thank you for sharing your rock! 
Marc & Angel Hack Life - What in the world can I say about Marc & Angel? Their lists are printed & plastered all over my office. If you aren't reading them, WHY NOT? Their posts resonate with me something fierce. Marc & Angel, thank you for making me think, reflect, and do better. 
And to each & every one of YOU who read my ramblings here - THANK YOU. I am so grateful for you.