10/03/12 : wednesday on the web
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this boy : sixteen.

Austin16(re-using this photo b/c it is just so him)

this boy is incredibly funny...he makes me laugh on a daily basis.

this boy is currently sporting a 4.2 GPA...while juggling tough classes, football, and student government.

this boy has shown grace & resilence in the face of our family changes...and has flourished.

this boy finds me in the crowd after every football game, and leaves the team to give me a kiss. Every time.

this boy asks "how was your day, Mom?" over dinner, and listens while I answer. 

this boy tries just about every weird/hippie recipe that I try - and was overheard telling a friend "Don't stress if you don't like it. She doesn't mind. We just try a lot. Some of it works, some of it doesn't."

this boy asked to take a "yoga for snowboarders" class series before the season starts (and got his wish, obvi)

this boy prefers documentaries to sitcoms. 

this boy loves his sister fiercely.

this boy makes my heart swell with love & pride. 

Happy 16th Birthday to my handsome boy.