project life : volume 2, the end.
hello monday : october 29

sunday ramblings.

*Austin & I went downtown for brunch on Saturday, and as we walked past the bus station, I finally paused to take a picture of the "3" on the concrete. I've thought about it many times, but I'm usually intimidated by a long line of people waiting for the bus, or unsavory characters lingering by the curb. I'm going to use this in the cover page of volume 3 of Project Life, and I've already had it printed at 12x12 for the family room. A wee bit obsessed with the number 3 these days. 

*As October winds down, I'm feeling hopeful about the winter. This is a definite shift for me - I normally greet the colder days with overwhelming dread. I'll still complain about bitter cold and whine about crazy snowstorms, I'm sure, but the dark days won't get the best of me. 

*I'm working on a book review blog. Nothing fancy. Just a dedicated place to talk about the books that I read. I'm still very much a self-help junkie, so don't be shocked by my choice of reading material. I figure that if all of that self-help info sinks in, one day I'll be nothing short of amazing

*I made black rice & sweet potatoes for dinner last night. Black rice is kinda awesome. 

*As much as I don't want to like Taylor Swift, I do. I blame the fact that I've listened to 22 approximately 2200 times this weekend on Barb. She made me download it. Totally not my fault.