ventage tuesday : fall foods to try
project life : week thirty-four

project life : week thirty-three

I've got more catch-up weeks to share! I also wanted to answer Louise's excellent question. She asked,

"do you think you will do this again next year and will you change your approach at all?"

Without a doubt, YES, I will do this project again in 2013. I've been thinking a bit about what I'll change about my approach. I'm going to save that insight for a separate blog post. Great question! Week 33*...

W33fullw33: full. A little lighter & brighter this week.

Wk33leftJust random stuff, really. W33 left: veggies, coffee, flowers, Hopey finalizing some University details, and Austin pitching in with yard work.

W33rightw33 right: an ad from a magazine (you'll see the flip side in the following week), a blog post, Hope's beauty haul from another friend in the biz, a visit to the new Chipotle, my DIY "stainless" range hood, and 2 goofy kids (Burton sale + Chillzone)

*Note: Those closest to me might remember/recognize that this was also the week that we became a household of 3. I don't feel the need to go into great detail about that transition. I prefer the subtle reminders - in this case, the "3" tile - rather than a play-by-play. It's a part of my story, not the core of my story.