ventage tuesday : in my bag.
november is all that i know.

a twenty-twelve gratitude practice.

Let me get a few disclaimers out of the way...

1. This is not an original idea. It has been promoted all over the interwebs, by bloggers more notable than I. 

2. I realize that there is something a bit cliched about a gratitude practice in November. 

3. My incredible friends have done variations of this theme already (see Barb, circa 2010 and Em)

4. I am wicked ambitious when I start something....not so ambitious with the finishing.

Okay...ready? I've decided that a gratitude practice is in order for the month of November. I pondered several variations on the theme (and gave serious thought to just eating pumpkin pie everyday while feeling grateful) and settled on this: 

Every day in November, I will *mail a thank you card to someone. 

I don't have any tragic childhood memories of being forced to write out thank you cards. I know all the Emily Post rules around what is polite & appropriate. Still...I suck at written thank yous. I've been reprimanded (more than once) for not sending thank-yous in a prescribed amount of time and/or not making my kids send thank-yous in a prescribed amount of time. I/my kids always/often EXPRESS my thanks - just not always in writing. 

So. For the month of November, I am going to make a conscious, daily practice of sending out thank you cards. I do reserve the right to resort to *email in the event that it's the ONLY way to keep up with that day's thank you. I also reserve the right to buy thank you cards (gasp!!) if making them proves to be prohibitive. 

Wish me luck (or better along!)....