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10/03/12 : wednesday on the web

WedonthewebOh how I love Starbucks humor

Can't get enough pumpkin this fall? Might I suggest this (which I just applied after digging it out from a pile on my desk) - yummy! 

I dare you.

Apparently people named Lisa were given EXTRA style sense. People named Katrina? Not so much. Love both Lisa and Lisa for their style & color combos.

Inspired by Lisa L, I think that I'm going to buy these shoes. In orange. 

Iphone wallpapers make me smile.

This list web/app is making me very happy.

I made this hot cocoa mix recipe the other night. It was yummy, despite the fact that the only bar of bittersweet chocolate that I had was suffering from a serious case of fat bloom. Oh, and this makes a ton of mix - I cut it in half, and still filled 1 and 1/2 mason jars.