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why i won't give up on project life.

It happens to the best of us. Right? I'm embarrassed (and a bit of scrappers-guilt-ashamed) to admit how far behind I've fallen on my Project Life album (cough12weekscough). I read about people "dropping out" early in the year b/c the project was overwhelming, or they'd fallen behind, or they'd filed for divorce (oh wait, ignore that last one...that was me). I was a bit cocky about it. I WILL NOT FALL BEHIND, I boldly declared to the universe. I even launched an email service specifically geared toward helping people stay on track! As the weeks tumbled along, I was not only falling further behind...but I was feeling insanely guilty for not "walking the talk." 

Please tell me that I'm not alone in this. 

Today, I took the PL bull by the proverbial horns (it's far too late at night to make that metaphor work). I printed a stack of photos at Costo. I rounded a lot of corners. I sped through 12 weeks of date cards. I used iphone/instagram/data files to line up images & dates. Listen kids, it's not sexy....but this album is gettin' done.  Projectlife_wontgiveup

In the words of Jason Mraz....I won't give up. Here's why:

1. Life happened, whether the Project part did or not. There were dark & twisty moments, and shiny sparkle pager moments. It all happened. I do feel like I've spent a lot of the year in a fog. As the fog is lifting, I like having Project Life to capture those rays of light & life.

2. I adore scrapbooking. Still. The colors, the patterns, the papers - love them. One of the things that I've loved about Project Life is that it's given me the opportunity to actually USE stuff again!

3. Project Life has made me more mindful. I take more photos (a TON with my iphone!), jot down more notes, notice more words/lyrics, and capture more details.

4. I love the result. I've looked through my (completed) first album a number of times over the last couple of weeks. It reminded me that I really do love this project!

5. I'm learning what works & doesn't work for me & my Project Life. This is my first year doing the project...and I'm taking note of the obstacles & challenges that have caused me to "fall behind." I'm already looking forward to my 2013 project!

So...I won't give up. I'm committed. I may soon torture you all with post after post of the lost weeks of 2012. You've been warned!  

PS. That email service? It's taking a hiatus. Great idea, not-so-great timing. There's a subscribers email being drafted, so my apologies if you're hearing it here first.