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atta girl.

today i : sept 19

Today i
Having a weekday off is a strange thing. I had visions of somehow cramming 294,571 activities into the few morning hours that I had free. Instead, I overslept, got Austin to school on time, came home, drank coffee, talked to Becky, went BACK to school to deliver forgotten homework, showered, ate breakfast, and then dashed off to an afternoon of appts. Not exactly as productive as I'd planned, but...

today i made avocado toast for breakfast & enjoyed every single bite. 

today i had an appt with a completely awesome naturopath. Getting back on track, and totally excited about it. 

today i sat through a pro se workshop & got all nostalgic about wanting to grow up to be a lawyer. 

today i finished Happier at Home. I really wanted to like it more than I did. 

today i was grateful (as I am every day) for the amazing women that I get to be friends with. 

today i read a few more pages of Daring Greatly, and loved every word.

What did you do with your Wednesday?