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dissecting happiness.

I had a really happy day yesterday...which was awesome, b/c it came on the heels of a mostly happy weekend (mostly only b/c I had a few frustrating moments about a project that I was working on). What struck me is that there was nothing extraordinary about yesterday. It was an ordinary day. Y'all know that I'm pretty addicted to the self-help, so of course I want to analyze what made yesterday happy (y'know, so I can repeat it!). The little things that added up to a happy tuesday...

*enough sleep - I went to bed a bit late on Monday, BUT I adjusted my morning expectations so that I could get a 1/2 hour more sleep.

*good food - TOTALLy simple - a pb/banana/almond milk smoothie for breakfast. Leftover crab risotto for lunch. Really late dinner (post football game) of eggs & toast - but they were local, cage-free eggs (they really do taste better!) and fresh ciabatta bread from my CSA. Yum! 

*new book - I love when pre-orders magically appear on my Nook! Already loving Happier at Home.

*emails from friends - when you sit at a desk all day, emails from friends are a lifeline.

*sending care packages - I love the anticipation of friends receiving happy mail! 

*kindness - a old friend brought me coffee, and sat through most of the football game with me. It was so great to catch up. Another friend took the time to send me a document that I needed. 

*awesome kids - texts from Hope, and a conversation about the American Dream with Austin. Awesome sauce. 

*an empty sink - huh? This weekend, I tossed out the gross, moldy dish drainer that has taken up the left side of the sink forever. Karen talks about the meditative nature of doing the dishes in Hand Wash Cold. I totally get it. 


*this wine - Seriously. I want to buy CASES of it. (oh, and I haven't even tasted it yet. The label sold me.)

*new tune - Everybody Talks. I listened to it approximately 42 times. I'm not kidding. 

What's making you happy these days?


let's review - Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner

Em, you'll want to skip this post. 

So, y'all know that I have really curly hair. It's thick, sometimes unruly, often dry, and frequently frizzy. Despite all that? I'm definitely a curly girl. I think that I was probably 30ish when I finally figured out how to deal with my curls - and I've spent the past 11 years experimenting with nearly every shampoo/conditioner/styler on the market. So when Dove offered up conditioner samples to try, I raised my hand (sorry Em)...

Here's what Dove has to say about this conditioner - 

A unique blend with non-greasy natural almond and mineral oils that are so fine, they are rapidly absorbed to deeply nourish and replenish essential nutrients. It’s next generation nourishment for beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair. 

They use a patented technology to repair & nourish dry hair. They describe the following - 

  • Fiber Active technology penetrates deep inside the hair strand, helping rebind damaged proteins (Intensive Repair and Color Repair only)
  • Patented Micromoisture Serum targets damage, repairing the surface of hair by sealing lifted cuticles 

A sidenote (for Em, or anyone else wondering why I'm not going green here) - I have a hard time with natural conditioners & styling products for my hair. My curls need serious silicones. I'm okay with that. I lean green in SO many other areas of my life. 

So, back to this conditioner - it gets a THUMBS UP from me. I'd definitely purchase it. A couple of key attributes for me - it rinses well, and it leaves my hair soft instead of heavy. 

What hair care products are you loving? I'm always on the lookout for new ones. Oh, and be sure to head over to BlogHer to enter to win a Spafinder gift certificate. Details below...

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today i : sept 1st.

Today i
today i woke up to a quiet, empty house...and embraced the silence. it's okay.

today i bought myself flowers. 


today i landed on 44 w/o even looking. I've noticed a lot of repeating numbers lately. 


today i allowed myself to stay in my comfort zone. 

today i was happy with my choice of reading material.

today i am grateful for this boy's help. 

also - today i repainted the chalkboard wall in the kitchen. today i did a senior photo shoot with a really fun girl. today i solved the "out of tortillas" issue by making my own. today i had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. today i started a photo-a-day challenge with angie. 

today, life is full...and good.