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around here: august.

the elephant in the room.


The blogosphere is a funny place of polished images, carefully chosen stories, and spit-shined life stories. We write, we post photographs, and we even occasionally "keep it real." I shudder to think that I too often sound like "y'all, I'm totally keeping it real...I haven't been to yoga in 3 weeks, I've stopped at Starbucks every day (twice), and I bought NON-ORGANIC apples. Please don't hate me!" As my kids would say...first world problems.

So. Hang onto your pinot noir. As my kids would also*t's about to get real. I've dropped hints. I've skirted around. And I'm exhausted by the careful avoidance. Let's just talk about the elephant in the room: 

I am getting a(nother) divorce. Rob moved out. And we are all okay.

I can't say that this is a journey that I never expected to take. I've gotten far too honest with myself for that fairytale nonsense. The only explanation that I owe is to myself, my children, and the person that I've spent the past 17 years with. For everyone else (including YOU, dear reader)...

*Know that we love our family fiercely. We believe that marriage can end without family ending.

*Know that I will welcome love, support, and Starbucks giftcards...and I will dismiss criticism. Insert some wisdom about those living in glass houses here.

*Know that Rob and I both believe that we can move through this time with kindness & grace. I'm better at it some days than others...but I try really hard.

*Know that I owe a crazy huge debt to the village that supports me on a daily basis. They (virtually & in person) wipe my tears, listen to my struggles, give me hope, and tell me to wear eye shadow. I hope that you're lucky enough to have peeps like mine.

*Know that for any/every disparaging thought that you're thinking about me? I've thought about least twice daily. Save your energy. I've got that covered.

I've spent A LOT of time in lovingkindness meditation lately. 

May I/you/all living beings be happy.

May I/you/all living beings be healthy.

May I/you/all living beings live with ease.

Namaste, friends. xoxo