around here: august.
the last hurrah - summer 2012

moving furniture.

11 days of not blogging? How did THAT happen? happened due to a lot of shifting, a ton of cleaning, a little bit of traveling, and a yucky cold. I continue to be grateful for your kind emails & comments. So grateful. 


We've been moving things around, decluttering, and opening up new space. As many of you know, I've moved approximately 1,267,819 times. I know the drill. The fact that I've been in the same house for eight years is a record. I'm not moving house this time, merely moving things around within the house.

"Moving furniture" has been on my mind a lot. Yes, we've done the literal...moved a few things around. The actual moving has also been a metaphor for the emotional adjustments. Moving furniture uncovers dirt. No matter how much of a housekeeper you are (me? not so much), you'll find dust & grime in corners that you've neglected. After you move furniture, things feel unsettled. You bump into things until you get used to their new position. The light falls differently in a room...illuminating new space, and casting new shadows. 


The kids got a chuckle out of the new "print" hanging in my bedroom. Austin said "Madre, out of all the great quotes out there, you went with be awesome today? " Yep. He hasn't seen the "be grateful" and "be brave" prints that will join this one. (side note: Staples Engineering Prints for under $4? That's awesome.) I love seeing this print every morning and reminding myself that it's a new day. 

Sending love & light to each of you. xoxo