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the last hurrah - summer 2012

The kids & I took a day yesterday to wander & eat & drink coffee. Hope returns to Halifax today, and Austin is at school leading freshman around for Smart Start. I have said it before, and I will likely say it again & again & again...I am so grateful for these two.  PcmenuPenny Cluse for the win...every time. 

Threecupsofcoffeethree cups of coffee...they're all grown up!

Pennyclusevegveggie gravy & biscuits...seriously good (and there's peanut ginger tofu plus homefries hiding behind the biscuits. indulgence at it's best.)


Hopeandaustin_aug2012do you see the mischief here?

Hopestepspretty princess.

Zenstonesbalance at the waterfront.

Ajs2_webridiculously photogenic teen.

Enjoy your Tuesday, friends...

moving furniture.

11 days of not blogging? How did THAT happen? happened due to a lot of shifting, a ton of cleaning, a little bit of traveling, and a yucky cold. I continue to be grateful for your kind emails & comments. So grateful. 


We've been moving things around, decluttering, and opening up new space. As many of you know, I've moved approximately 1,267,819 times. I know the drill. The fact that I've been in the same house for eight years is a record. I'm not moving house this time, merely moving things around within the house.

"Moving furniture" has been on my mind a lot. Yes, we've done the literal...moved a few things around. The actual moving has also been a metaphor for the emotional adjustments. Moving furniture uncovers dirt. No matter how much of a housekeeper you are (me? not so much), you'll find dust & grime in corners that you've neglected. After you move furniture, things feel unsettled. You bump into things until you get used to their new position. The light falls differently in a room...illuminating new space, and casting new shadows. 


The kids got a chuckle out of the new "print" hanging in my bedroom. Austin said "Madre, out of all the great quotes out there, you went with be awesome today? " Yep. He hasn't seen the "be grateful" and "be brave" prints that will join this one. (side note: Staples Engineering Prints for under $4? That's awesome.) I love seeing this print every morning and reminding myself that it's a new day. 

Sending love & light to each of you. xoxo

around here: august.

around here...I am grateful & humbled by your love, support, & kindness. 

around here...I am making lists & crossing off tasks. Alternate title for this post: I can do hard things.

around here...I am scrambling to do a few things to prepare for next week's home appraisal. 

around here...I am seriously in need of new clothes. 

around here...I am looking forward to new schedules. Count me among the parents who love back-to-school season!

cheers, friends! 

the elephant in the room.


The blogosphere is a funny place of polished images, carefully chosen stories, and spit-shined life stories. We write, we post photographs, and we even occasionally "keep it real." I shudder to think that I too often sound like "y'all, I'm totally keeping it real...I haven't been to yoga in 3 weeks, I've stopped at Starbucks every day (twice), and I bought NON-ORGANIC apples. Please don't hate me!" As my kids would say...first world problems.

So. Hang onto your pinot noir. As my kids would also*t's about to get real. I've dropped hints. I've skirted around. And I'm exhausted by the careful avoidance. Let's just talk about the elephant in the room: 

I am getting a(nother) divorce. Rob moved out. And we are all okay.

I can't say that this is a journey that I never expected to take. I've gotten far too honest with myself for that fairytale nonsense. The only explanation that I owe is to myself, my children, and the person that I've spent the past 17 years with. For everyone else (including YOU, dear reader)...

*Know that we love our family fiercely. We believe that marriage can end without family ending.

*Know that I will welcome love, support, and Starbucks giftcards...and I will dismiss criticism. Insert some wisdom about those living in glass houses here.

*Know that Rob and I both believe that we can move through this time with kindness & grace. I'm better at it some days than others...but I try really hard.

*Know that I owe a crazy huge debt to the village that supports me on a daily basis. They (virtually & in person) wipe my tears, listen to my struggles, give me hope, and tell me to wear eye shadow. I hope that you're lucky enough to have peeps like mine.

*Know that for any/every disparaging thought that you're thinking about me? I've thought about least twice daily. Save your energy. I've got that covered.

I've spent A LOT of time in lovingkindness meditation lately. 

May I/you/all living beings be happy.

May I/you/all living beings be healthy.

May I/you/all living beings live with ease.

Namaste, friends. xoxo


check out P&G's new e-store!

Disclaimer: During the month of August, BlogHer is teaming up with P&G to make my life easier. Well, that...and to spread the word about P&G's new e-store. This is a sponsored post. As a BlogHer blogger (say that 5x fast!), I'll recieve a 10% commission on sales through the widget below...

With back-to=school around the corner, I'm looking for ways to streamline some of my more domestic duties. If you were thinking that I have all sorts of time to wander the aisles of our local Wal*Mart, sniffing all the bottles of were wrong. Work + school + football = zero time. So, I was kinda intrigued when P&G announced their estore. If we're being honest - this stuff isn't fun to shop for. I'm thinking that if I can stock up household stuff with the click of a mouse, I'll have more time to page through a Boden catalog, or stop by Starbucks. Sounds good to me! 

In addition to cleaning products, toothbrush heads, and dental floss (what an exciting list!), I'll be throwing one of my favorites in my e-cart...CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara. No, it's not natural. I've already admitted that I cheat on natural sometimes. Please forgive me. CoverGirl has always been reliable when it comes to mascara, and I totally appreciate the chemistry that goes into a seemingly "simple" product. I actually sat in a meeting last week talking about the pros & cons of manufacturing mascara...fascinating stuff. 

Anywho, here's the deal. P&G is offering a few incentives to get people to try out the e-store. For the month of August, you can: 

*Take 10% off all items

*Get free shipping on purchases over $25

*Check out lots of great Olympic-themed bundles & deals

As I mentioned, I'll get a little commission kick-back of you shop through the below link. Just click on "buy now" to go to the e-store. You don't have to buy can shop for whatever P&G product that your heart desires! 

CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara

PS. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to change the image size...the html coding is a little, uhm, beyond me. So, sorry 'bout that! 

august twenty.twelve : intentions

August will be about movement. Physical movement. Emotional/mental movement. Steps forward. Remembering that sometimes a slight backward step is simply setting up the momentum to spring ahead. 

August will be about stillness. Continuing with a meditation practice, and a morning reading practice. Learnings from Sabbath by Wayne Muller


August will be about creating. Project Life & One Little Word albums will be back on track. Hanging new art & photos at home. Creating a new vibe.  
August will be about planning. Routines will be shaken up, so it's time to reinvent what works. We'll remain a family of 4, but become a household of 3...and then 2 when Hope goes to University. Planning what the new normal will look like. 
August will be about asking. Trying to ask for help, space, & advice when I need it. My friends are amazing, but they are not mind readers. Practicing asking myself "what do you need right now?" when I find myself gasping/reaching/spiraling.

What intentions are you setting for August?