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the elephant in the room.

check out P&G's new e-store!

Disclaimer: During the month of August, BlogHer is teaming up with P&G to make my life easier. Well, that...and to spread the word about P&G's new e-store. This is a sponsored post. As a BlogHer blogger (say that 5x fast!), I'll recieve a 10% commission on sales through the widget below...

With back-to=school around the corner, I'm looking for ways to streamline some of my more domestic duties. If you were thinking that I have all sorts of time to wander the aisles of our local Wal*Mart, sniffing all the bottles of were wrong. Work + school + football = zero time. So, I was kinda intrigued when P&G announced their estore. If we're being honest - this stuff isn't fun to shop for. I'm thinking that if I can stock up household stuff with the click of a mouse, I'll have more time to page through a Boden catalog, or stop by Starbucks. Sounds good to me! 

In addition to cleaning products, toothbrush heads, and dental floss (what an exciting list!), I'll be throwing one of my favorites in my e-cart...CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara. No, it's not natural. I've already admitted that I cheat on natural sometimes. Please forgive me. CoverGirl has always been reliable when it comes to mascara, and I totally appreciate the chemistry that goes into a seemingly "simple" product. I actually sat in a meeting last week talking about the pros & cons of manufacturing mascara...fascinating stuff. 

Anywho, here's the deal. P&G is offering a few incentives to get people to try out the e-store. For the month of August, you can: 

*Take 10% off all items

*Get free shipping on purchases over $25

*Check out lots of great Olympic-themed bundles & deals

As I mentioned, I'll get a little commission kick-back of you shop through the below link. Just click on "buy now" to go to the e-store. You don't have to buy can shop for whatever P&G product that your heart desires! 

CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara

PS. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to change the image size...the html coding is a little, uhm, beyond me. So, sorry 'bout that!