project life : week whaatttt?
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august twenty.twelve : intentions

August will be about movement. Physical movement. Emotional/mental movement. Steps forward. Remembering that sometimes a slight backward step is simply setting up the momentum to spring ahead. 

August will be about stillness. Continuing with a meditation practice, and a morning reading practice. Learnings from Sabbath by Wayne Muller


August will be about creating. Project Life & One Little Word albums will be back on track. Hanging new art & photos at home. Creating a new vibe.  
August will be about planning. Routines will be shaken up, so it's time to reinvent what works. We'll remain a family of 4, but become a household of 3...and then 2 when Hope goes to University. Planning what the new normal will look like. 
August will be about asking. Trying to ask for help, space, & advice when I need it. My friends are amazing, but they are not mind readers. Practicing asking myself "what do you need right now?" when I find myself gasping/reaching/spiraling.

What intentions are you setting for August?