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a little luxury in the everyday...

today i.

am grateful that Hope is home. For a bit last night, it looked like a delayed flight was going to result in Em needing to put Operation Rescue Hope into effect. 

(related) am grateful for friends who are willing to get in the car at 10pm, drive to the airport, and pick up my daughter...who they've never met.

am amused by the fact that Hope hates bananas (so does my Dad) and loves elephants (so does my Mom). When I mentioned this to Hope, she said "What can I say? They shaped me in my formative years." Ha! 

am remembering my yoga instructor's wise thoughts about resistance...that we can't move around it or past it...we have to move through it.

am on my 2nd book in 2 days...I am nothing if not extreme about some things. 

am listening to music more & more at work...finding that it helps to block out distractions & calm frustrations. 

am loving KP's photo tour of our Costa Rica trip. 

am wishing that I could do more for friends who are struggling. 

am not going to apologize for silly emails that are sent at the end of a long day, with iphone in one hand, and chardonnay in the other.  sometimes i need something to giggle about.