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hello monday : 07.09.12

(somewhat) well read.


disclaimer: if you're NOT reading this in Google Reader, simply ignore the design/theme...started playing around with it and quickly realized that a) it's too late at night and b) i have less than zero patience for ANYTHING tonight. moving right along...

At various points during our vacation, one or more of us was reading. At the beach, by the pool, in the rainforest, on the porch of the house...actual books, Nooks, and iphones. Lots of reading. While comparing titles & favorites, we quickly realized a simple truth...

Katrina needs to add some variety to her reading. 

Barb, Kelly, & Chloe exchanged thoughts & reviews about a number of books that they've all read. The common thread? Mostly fiction. Guess what I rarely read? Yep...fiction. I found myself feeling downright illiterate as they rattled off books & authors that I've never heard of. 

I don't really know when I stopped reading fiction. I've certainly picked up a novel here & there over the years, but my go-to genres are self-help, memoir, and cookbooks (yes, I actually read them, I don't just skip to the recipes). Self-help is a bit of a misnomer - it's not as if I'm strictly reading psychology books. Let's just say that I lean toward be better books. Interestingly, some of my favorite books were absolutely NOT enjoyed by the other girls.  (edited to add - I just checked my list from last year - when I commited to reading at least 26 books. Only 6 were fiction -and 3 of those were The Hunger Games trilogy.)

So, I'm now committing myself to expanding my horizons over the next few months. I'll be babysitting some books for Chloe while she's living in Japan. I'm going to join the Burlington library b/c my Nook budget directly competes with my Starbucks budget...and we might as well just be honest about which one will win. I'm even considering joining a local book club with complete strangers that I found on (the introvert in me shudders). Y'all should know by now that I throw myself into new projects with fierce intensity & determination. This "read more, read different" campaign is no different (see what I did there? totally tried to channel CZ and her move more, eat well slogan. imitation is the highest form of flattery.)

My process looks like this -

Start with a list of books that Barb, Kelly, & Chloe recommended. Download samples onto Nook. Look through the "people also bought" lists and add more samples. Read samples. Delete those that don't excite me in the least. Add those that peak my interest to my library list. And finally...

Ask my dear blog readers for their recos. Would you kindly leave a comment with 3-5 titles that you think that I absolutely should not miss? Thanks in advance! (and to be fair - don't JUST give me fiction. No genre is off limits!)

PS. I'm sure someone will ask - yes, I'm already on GoodReads. However, I cannot wrap my head around yet another social-media-like site. I'm taking baby steps.