hello monday : 07.09.12
yes, chef : marcus samuelsson

OLW : halfway.

We're halfway through twenty.twelve, and my OLW album is complete through....March. Ugh. I am SUCH the online class dropout. 

Still staying true to the spirit of my OLW - shift. Most recently...

Shifted my living room furniture after 7 years of it being in the same configuration. The new set- up is cozier/warmer. 

Shifting my morning routine. No longer starting the day wandering through Google Reader. Instead, waking up with a cup of coffee & a book.

Shifting my vitamin intake (supplements & food). More magnesium. More potassium. Adding tumeric. 

Shifting my reading habits. Adding fiction. Loving all of your suggestions.

Shifting my tendency to over-commit. Learning to ask for more time when needed. 

Shifting my expectations of our new family dynamic. (this is a tough one) Trying to shift from frustration to radical acceptance. 

How are you doing with your OLW? Please, please link me up to your albums if you're taking Ali's class - I need a dose of inspiration!