well read : july 2012
Color Run New England : July 2012

i want.


Yep, greedy title today. Ha! In no particular order, things that I'm thinking about, craving, wanting...

Sleep. Got in super late from an Ingrid Michaelson concert last night. Sooo awesome, but I'd really like to be curled up under the covers for a few more hours. 

Time to read. In addition to a new stack of library books & new Nook books, I got a huge box of books from Chloe yesterday. She's moving to Tokyo (!!!!) for a few months, so I'm book-sitting. How cool is that?

A trip to SF. Missing Cali these days. 

A new comforter. Possibly making a trip to Ikea on Sunday to handle this one.

White, sorta rustic pasta bowls.

A landscaper & a housekeeper.

A chocolate chip cookie - warm from the oven. 

A slight chill in the air - only at night. High 70s during the day. Year round. 

Two solid, uninterrupted days to work on Project Life. 

A soy latte. 

What's on your wish list today?