(somewhat) well read.
OLW : halfway.

hello monday : 07.09.12


hello to SO MANY great book recommendations. thank you, thank you, thank you!  I've compiled everything into one pdf. If you'd like a copy, you can print from here. I am currently finishing up Yes, Chef! (a review copy), starting The Creative Habit, and have Magic Hour (the library was out of Winter Garden), and A Reliable Wife waiting in the wings. (aff links)

hello to a very exciting venture for Kelly Purkey. I don't even stamp, and I still want to buy these.

hello to a week w/o Hope. She's off to Calgary for Stampede. Despite the fact that she attends university in another country, I still get nervous when she travels.

hello to a Meditation Revolution. 28 days. Daily reminders in your inbox. Wanna take a seat with me?

hello to a very busy week ahead - freelance work keeping pace with real life work, and fitting in time for the gym + healthy cooking along the way. 

hello to LOVING this song. And this one. Both will be on repeat this week.