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hello monday : 06.11.12

project life : week twenty

I am catching up. For reals. Austin looked at this spread a few minutes ago and said "Seriously? Mother's Day? It's JUNE already." What a task master! Here we go...

W20_fullweek 20, sans insert (I actually didn't photograph the insert - it's a 2-pocket Martha Stewart protector that holds a mother's day card & a little thank you card from a restaurant) W20_leftweek 20, left side. Uhm, I know I'm a bit biased, but...I have ridiculously good-looking kids. Just sayin. W20_jump

W20_rightweek 20, right side. W20_greysah, the grey's anatomy season finale....b/c why wouldn't the plane crash? (note, I watched this episode, and then got on a plane at 6am the next morning. great timing!) W20_unexpecteda new mantra, courtesy of Angie. be unexpected.

So, I've been saying that I'm totally committed to catching up on PL. Pretty sure that I say it going into every weekend. Hasn't happened. I'm going to try a little reverse psychology on myself...I'm not even going to THINK about PL this weekend! So there! 

(project life is a becky higgins project)