hello monday : 06.11.12
an extra special hello monday : 06.18.12

project life : week twenty-one

My goal for these catch-up weeks? Keep it simple. This week doesn't have inserts, and doesn't have fancy-schmancy stuff going on (okay, really? none of my weeks are fancy-schmancy).  W21fullW21 - full (oh, and ignore my green yoga mat in all of these photos...I was in a hurry & didn't bother to pick it up!) W21leftW21 - left. Work dinner, homework, ice cream, and Sammy's arrival. Oh, and swirled cupcakes (mad skills people, mad skills)... W21cupcake(and thank you, Pinterest, for making me look skilled!) W21rightW21 - right. W21BeckyI am terrible at birthdays. TERRIBLE. I knew it was Becky's birthday (she's "my person" ala Cristina & Meredith)...but had totally missed the fact that it was the big 4-0.  W21shiftI recently ordered these custom buttons from A Flair for Buttons. I loooove them. This card is symbolic, but not something that I'm ready (or willing) to journal about. I might tuck some journaling behind this card - or it might just stay as-is.  W21jokeAnd finally - a joke that Hope texted. Hahahaha!