project life : week twenty
project life : week twenty-one

hello monday : 06.11.12


hello warm, humid weather

hello lots of planning & list-making for Costa Rica

hello arugula from the garden - love! 

hello working on positive energy - way too much of an emotional rollercoaster lately

hello to saying goodbye to negative people - I no longer have room for you in my life

hello go learning to let go of guilt about having a bit of free time now that the kids are older...I've earned this. I've paid my little-kid dues

hello to waterfront walks with Hope. We laugh that we drive 6 miles in order to walk 2-3 miles, but agree that it is so worth it

hello to homemade ricotta - so easy, and so good! 

what are you saying hello to today?

(hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired practice)