project life : week twenty-one
the firestarter sessions : danielle laporte

an extra special hello monday : 06.18.12

Y'all may have noticed a bit of an absence over the last 5-6 days. Just go ahead & call me the B word. No, not that one...I mean busy. (note: I actually prefer the other B word...I hate the word 'busy''s crazy overused.) Work, kids, end-o-school year, more work, physical therapy, Costa Rica planning...and oh, did I mention work? Amidst all of that nonsense, Barb & I have been cooking up something very fun & we're really excited about it. Here's what we're up to...

You can read all about it here: Project Life Planned.

In a nutshell? It's almost half-way through the year. Many of us are marking time by counting how many weeks we're behind on Project Life. The excitement has died down a bit, and it's been replaced by stacks of photos & envelopes of ephemera. It might seem a bit overwhelming. Some people have even given up. Barb & I are pretty stubborn, so we're not going down w/o a fight! We thought that if we could rally ourselves, then maybe we could also rally others! 

I know what you're thinking...isn't there already tons of inspiration around the web? Can't you just go to Pinterest or Google Reader or Facebook? Uhm, yeah, you can...and then you can come back & tell me when you've lost 5 hours of your life (& scrapbooking time) getting absolutely lost in that sea of inspiration. can check your email every week for newsletters from Project Life Planned that will be chock full of journaling prompts, photo ideas, layout sketches, insert inspiration, and more. I can almost guarantee that each newsletter & PLP blog post will include humor & sarcasm at no additional charge! (they'll also likely include typos...those are my fault, not Barb's)

Uhm, clearly you should pick door #2. Go ahead. I'll wait :).

(Disclaimer: Project Life Planned is in no way affiliated with Becky's Higgins' Project Life. We simply think that we can all use a little help staying motivated & inspired to complete this awesome project.)