project life : week nineteen
happy birthday wcs!

when life gives you lemons...

LemonmintMake mint lemonade. That's not a euphemism. I actually mean...make mint lemonade! My mint plants are really thriving, so I need to start finding stuff to add mint to. My basil, on the other hand, is struggling this year. Not sure what that's about. 

So, the long weekend is over. Many of us trudged back to work today, bemoaning the fact that three day weekends are really a giant tease...a brief glimpse of "look what it would be like if you didn't have a day job! Alarm clock? What alarm clock?" I started my morning off by crossing off the two things that I accomplished on my nine point weekend to-do list. Two. That's it. Now, to be fair (to myself) - the list didn't include normal stuff like grocery shopping, menu planning, and cleaning the living room. Instead of being incredibly productive, I napped. I took Hope for a pedicure. I bought flowers at the farmstand. I took Hope to a yoga class. It's possible that I'm starting to learn to listen when my body & mind say "hey, that's ENOUGH." And so...I rested. 

I also planned this week's menus. Backtracking a bit first...Sunday was, uhm, I have no idea. We must have just fended for ourselves. Monday - peppery brown sugar salmon & Grilled Artichokes. Tuesday - orange pan glazed tempeh, quinoa, & steamed broccoli. Wednesday - black bean & sweet potato tacos with swiss chard pesto. Thursday or Friday (depending on which night I'm home) - green pea risotto with fresh pea shoots (actually taken from this cookbook). Saturday - no idea! Trying a few new salads for lunch this week. Hope and I both get in a bit of a rut with our lunch. So adding in this detox salad and maybe this looksamazing salad

I just looked back at my twelve practices and realized that I probably should have worked in a reading practice. I have a few full-on reviews to write. I finished The Firestarter Sessions (which was FABULOUS) and started Broken Open.

Two random questions for you...

1. what is your favorite non-dairy ice cream? 

2. what is the last non-fiction book that you read?