Life Well Lived: summer livin'...
project life : week nineteen

ten on a tuesday.

I skipped out on Hello Monday yesterday. Busy, stressful work day, followed by a PT appt...I pretty much just said "is it over yet?" as soon as I welcomed the day. So, to make it up to you, I'll give you 10 somewhat random things on a Tuesday...

1. I am going to Costa Rica in just about a month (with Barb, Kelly, and Chloe). I am surprisingly calm about the planning of said trip...and crazy excited to leave. 

2. I am pondering (overthinking, actually) Amazon Prime. One one hand, I think it would make my life easier...on the other hand, is it worth $80? 

3. This post has taken up permanent residence in my head.

4. I want this cookbook (which I could have in 2 days, thankyouamazonprime). I also want this book, but wish that it was available on Nook. (weird little idiosyncracy...I like to read books on my Nook, but like to hold cookbooks in my hand)

5. I've fallen back into the habit of drinking coffee at night. I was determined NOT to drink any last night, and I practically dozed on my keyboard. 

6. I will love you forever if you'll like this FB page. (okay, honestly? I'll love you forever anyway...but I'm not above shameless social media promotion)

7. I have customers on site this week, and they've requested green smoothies for breakfast. Seriously? My customers rock. 

8. This salad sounds divine (with just a slight drizzle of olive oil instead of dressing. Oooh, or maybe coconut oil!)

9. This is an excellent meditation practice reminder. (note to next door neighbor...yes, I do plan to meditate on my deck in the mornings. do you really need to stare?)

10. I don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to get done. And I'm not talking about laundry & bill paying & housecleaning. None of that nonsense. I'm talking about crafting & writing & scheming & cooking & baking & wandering & & & &...

I'd love hear just one random thought on your mind today!