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Life Well Lived: summer livin'...

Welcome to this week's Life Well Lived Looking Your Best question...

What are your favorite summer staples? How do you bring the summer sun to your wardrobe?

Summer Feet. Sadly, one of my summer staples is going to make less of an appearance this year...goodbye, beloved flip flops. Thanks to ongoing back & hip issues, I'm trying to not reach for flips as my go-to summer footwear. This makes me sad. Thankfully, I did NOT inherit my mother's ugly feet (oh c'mon Mom, you know it's true!), so I normally wear flip flops with a certain amount of pedicure pride. I did, however, inherit my Mom's affinity for skeletal & muscular issues...

Summer Hair. Oh ponytails, how I love you. It's the simplest of summer hairstyles, and keeps this crazy mess of curly hair somewhat contained.

Summer Wardrobe. This one is harder b/c the air conditioning in our office works overtime. Ugh. Aside from that, I adore simple jersey skirts, yoga tanks, and cute t-shirts. 

Summer Makeup. I am still a huge fan of Mineral Fusion's SPF 30 Brush On Defense

What's your favorite summer fashion or beauty item? Head over to BlogHer's Life Well Lived to share your thoughts! (while you're there, be sure to enter to win an ipod touch!)