ten on a tuesday.
when life gives you lemons...

project life : week nineteen

I've had this one done for a bit...but just didn't take the time to upload & edit the photos!  W19full

w19 - full week sans insert.  W19leftw19, left side - Hope's birthday!  W19close20Reminded myself this week that some spaces can be SUPER simple (the 20 card), and that even sarcasm has a place in Project Life (pet peeve).  W19rightw19 right side. I didn't love this when I put it together, and I still don't. oh well! Conscious Box cards, a couple of Farmer's Market shots, and a bit of pop-culture. W19readRead this book in about a day & half - I highly recommend it! 

Edited to add: oops! forgot to share the insert - 12 on the 12th - take twelve -  W19insert

I'm committed to finishing up weeks 20 & 21 this weekend. Feeling a bit like I'm losing steam - need something to jump start my creativity. If you're feeling the same way, stay tuned. Might have an answer for you! 

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