may 12 on 12 : take twelve
Life Well Lived: summer livin'...

OLW: May check-in.

I am 2 months behind on my One Little Word album. I find that sometimes it's a toss-up btwn OLW & Project Life...and PL usually wins. Aside from the creative project, SHIFT continues to be present in everyday life. Here's what's shifting these days...

*I've shifted into a few new freelance projects. It was so heartbreaking to let go of a project that I poured my heart & soul it's great to feel like I'm contributing to new & exciting projects.

*Needing to shift my thinking/reactions to a few things these days. Reminding myself that it's rarely about me. Heeding Angie's sage advice to be unexpected.

*Shifting from red to white for warm days. This is really, really dumb...but I realized the other day that I had taken on this "I don't drink white wine" position b/c I thought that it made me look "cooler" to someone. What am I, twelve????

*Trying to shift my self-talk from "you need to lose weight" to "what does taking care of yourself look like right now?" 

*Shifting into summer mode...dinners on the deck, lighter meals, kiddos coming & going

I started reading Shift Your Mind, Shift the World tonight...really enjoying it so far. 

How is your OLW serving you this year?