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when life gives you lemons...

LemonmintMake mint lemonade. That's not a euphemism. I actually mean...make mint lemonade! My mint plants are really thriving, so I need to start finding stuff to add mint to. My basil, on the other hand, is struggling this year. Not sure what that's about. 

So, the long weekend is over. Many of us trudged back to work today, bemoaning the fact that three day weekends are really a giant tease...a brief glimpse of "look what it would be like if you didn't have a day job! Alarm clock? What alarm clock?" I started my morning off by crossing off the two things that I accomplished on my nine point weekend to-do list. Two. That's it. Now, to be fair (to myself) - the list didn't include normal stuff like grocery shopping, menu planning, and cleaning the living room. Instead of being incredibly productive, I napped. I took Hope for a pedicure. I bought flowers at the farmstand. I took Hope to a yoga class. It's possible that I'm starting to learn to listen when my body & mind say "hey, that's ENOUGH." And so...I rested. 

I also planned this week's menus. Backtracking a bit first...Sunday was, uhm, I have no idea. We must have just fended for ourselves. Monday - peppery brown sugar salmon & Grilled Artichokes. Tuesday - orange pan glazed tempeh, quinoa, & steamed broccoli. Wednesday - black bean & sweet potato tacos with swiss chard pesto. Thursday or Friday (depending on which night I'm home) - green pea risotto with fresh pea shoots (actually taken from this cookbook). Saturday - no idea! Trying a few new salads for lunch this week. Hope and I both get in a bit of a rut with our lunch. So adding in this detox salad and maybe this looksamazing salad

I just looked back at my twelve practices and realized that I probably should have worked in a reading practice. I have a few full-on reviews to write. I finished The Firestarter Sessions (which was FABULOUS) and started Broken Open.

Two random questions for you...

1. what is your favorite non-dairy ice cream? 

2. what is the last non-fiction book that you read?

project life : week nineteen

I've had this one done for a bit...but just didn't take the time to upload & edit the photos!  W19full

w19 - full week sans insert.  W19leftw19, left side - Hope's birthday!  W19close20Reminded myself this week that some spaces can be SUPER simple (the 20 card), and that even sarcasm has a place in Project Life (pet peeve).  W19rightw19 right side. I didn't love this when I put it together, and I still don't. oh well! Conscious Box cards, a couple of Farmer's Market shots, and a bit of pop-culture. W19readRead this book in about a day & half - I highly recommend it! 

Edited to add: oops! forgot to share the insert - 12 on the 12th - take twelve -  W19insert

I'm committed to finishing up weeks 20 & 21 this weekend. Feeling a bit like I'm losing steam - need something to jump start my creativity. If you're feeling the same way, stay tuned. Might have an answer for you! 

(Past Project Life posts are linked on the right -->. More info on Project Life can be found on Becky Higgin's site.)

ten on a tuesday.

I skipped out on Hello Monday yesterday. Busy, stressful work day, followed by a PT appt...I pretty much just said "is it over yet?" as soon as I welcomed the day. So, to make it up to you, I'll give you 10 somewhat random things on a Tuesday...

1. I am going to Costa Rica in just about a month (with Barb, Kelly, and Chloe). I am surprisingly calm about the planning of said trip...and crazy excited to leave. 

2. I am pondering (overthinking, actually) Amazon Prime. One one hand, I think it would make my life easier...on the other hand, is it worth $80? 

3. This post has taken up permanent residence in my head.

4. I want this cookbook (which I could have in 2 days, thankyouamazonprime). I also want this book, but wish that it was available on Nook. (weird little idiosyncracy...I like to read books on my Nook, but like to hold cookbooks in my hand)

5. I've fallen back into the habit of drinking coffee at night. I was determined NOT to drink any last night, and I practically dozed on my keyboard. 

6. I will love you forever if you'll like this FB page. (okay, honestly? I'll love you forever anyway...but I'm not above shameless social media promotion)

7. I have customers on site this week, and they've requested green smoothies for breakfast. Seriously? My customers rock. 

8. This salad sounds divine (with just a slight drizzle of olive oil instead of dressing. Oooh, or maybe coconut oil!)

9. This is an excellent meditation practice reminder. (note to next door neighbor...yes, I do plan to meditate on my deck in the mornings. do you really need to stare?)

10. I don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to get done. And I'm not talking about laundry & bill paying & housecleaning. None of that nonsense. I'm talking about crafting & writing & scheming & cooking & baking & wandering & & & &...

I'd love hear just one random thought on your mind today! 

Life Well Lived: summer livin'...

Welcome to this week's Life Well Lived Looking Your Best question...

What are your favorite summer staples? How do you bring the summer sun to your wardrobe?

Summer Feet. Sadly, one of my summer staples is going to make less of an appearance this year...goodbye, beloved flip flops. Thanks to ongoing back & hip issues, I'm trying to not reach for flips as my go-to summer footwear. This makes me sad. Thankfully, I did NOT inherit my mother's ugly feet (oh c'mon Mom, you know it's true!), so I normally wear flip flops with a certain amount of pedicure pride. I did, however, inherit my Mom's affinity for skeletal & muscular issues...

Summer Hair. Oh ponytails, how I love you. It's the simplest of summer hairstyles, and keeps this crazy mess of curly hair somewhat contained.

Summer Wardrobe. This one is harder b/c the air conditioning in our office works overtime. Ugh. Aside from that, I adore simple jersey skirts, yoga tanks, and cute t-shirts. 

Summer Makeup. I am still a huge fan of Mineral Fusion's SPF 30 Brush On Defense

What's your favorite summer fashion or beauty item? Head over to BlogHer's Life Well Lived to share your thoughts! (while you're there, be sure to enter to win an ipod touch!)


OLW: May check-in.

I am 2 months behind on my One Little Word album. I find that sometimes it's a toss-up btwn OLW & Project Life...and PL usually wins. Aside from the creative project, SHIFT continues to be present in everyday life. Here's what's shifting these days...

*I've shifted into a few new freelance projects. It was so heartbreaking to let go of a project that I poured my heart & soul it's great to feel like I'm contributing to new & exciting projects.

*Needing to shift my thinking/reactions to a few things these days. Reminding myself that it's rarely about me. Heeding Angie's sage advice to be unexpected.

*Shifting from red to white for warm days. This is really, really dumb...but I realized the other day that I had taken on this "I don't drink white wine" position b/c I thought that it made me look "cooler" to someone. What am I, twelve????

*Trying to shift my self-talk from "you need to lose weight" to "what does taking care of yourself look like right now?" 

*Shifting into summer mode...dinners on the deck, lighter meals, kiddos coming & going

I started reading Shift Your Mind, Shift the World tonight...really enjoying it so far. 

How is your OLW serving you this year? 

project life : week eighteen

Welcome to the first week of volume 2! It was fun to change things up a bit - but I also feel like I was struggling for creativity. Hopefully I can get my mojo back on track (can anyone say mojo with a straight face? i can't.)... W18fullweek 18 full - changing up the date card convention this time around - planning on patterned paper, thickers, and a label. I only have about 539 pkgs of thickers laying around :).  W18leftweek 18, left side. that iphone only card? that's what to do when you've run out of steam and still have an empty 4x6 slot! Stoplightselfiei think that i am the world's worst selfie-taker. seriously! (thought bubble courtesy of Digital Design Essentials) Hopehome_ksimeckone of the things that i love about digi supplies is that you can alter them to meet your needs. for this card, i carefully erased "this" in PSE, and added "having Hope home." (Becky Higgins Turquoise Kit, digi edition) W18rightweek 18 right side.  Recipeadded in a spring recipe (thanks for the inspiration Barb!) Lettherainand a song that was on repeat all week. 

No inserts, but they'll make a triumphant return in week 19! Hope to post that tomorrow, and then I'm back on track. Woot! 

(Past Project Life posts are linked on the right -->. More info on Project Life can be found on Becky Higgin's site.)

hello monday 05.14.12

Hellomondayhello to a rather melancholy, just kinda "off" mood today. apparently i'm not hiding it well b/c my bff co-worked nailed it the minute that i walked in.

hello to delicious left-over broccolini salad mixed in with arugula. i could seriously eat this every day.

hello to finishing the opening pages of my Project Life : Volume 2 album last night. So very happy with it (after a brief amount of frustration over the 2.9 x 4 pockets)

Mondobeyondomanifesto(courtesy of Mondo Beyondo) Projectlife_v2

confession - I patted myself on the back for the brackets around the months thing. 

hello to juicing this am - apple, beet, celery, cucumber, and ginger. trying to get back into a routine of juice only until noon, then mostly raw until dinner. drinking green tea like it's my job to get me through.

hello to reading The $100 Startup in about 2 days. Crazy inspiring! 

hello to only 6 1/2 weeks until Costa Rica! Wooo hooo!

what are you saying hello to today?

(hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired practice)

photos on friday...

I have been a bit of a slacker with photos this week - not sure what that's about. I might be reaching when it comes to Project Life spreads! Speaking of - I'm intentionally a week behind. Waiting for new page protectors to arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a few instagram shots from the past week (actually reaching back to last Saturday!)...

(okay - dummy me didn't realize that the widget would auto load instagrams - so it's become a continuous feed. Doh!)

menu cover from flatbread | words of wisdom | Hope turns 20

double chocolate cupcakes w/nutella | tofu lettuce wraps | the waterfront

miss Hope | corona lime cupcake (on cinco de mayo) | sweet potato & kale taco

20 and 10.


On May 8, 1992, I was 21 1/2 years old.Today, the baby girl that made me a mommy is 20 years old. This fact has spun me over the past few weeks. Twenty. Two decades. The same age as when I married her father. It's unreal. 

Inspired by Lindsey's beautiful post, here are 10 things that I want my 20 year old daughter to know: 

1. I am so very proud of you. I can't say this enough. I'm fortunate to be your Mom.

2. Try to choose kindness. Life can be pretty unforgiving, and you'll likely meet people who will stop at nothing to get ahead. Choose to be kind.

3. Do what you love...even if it's not your primary paycheck. Passions are worth pursuing. 

4. It's okay to make mistakes. Figure out what to learn from them. Hindsight is always 20/20...let it help guide you moving forward. 

5. Please don't marry the first guy who tells you that he loves you. Trust me on this. ;) 

6. Travel, travel, travel. See Europe. Go to Hawaii. Enjoy the Caribbean. Travel as much as you possibly can. (and don't forget to send your mother a postcard!)

7. You are beautiful. Every single inch of you...your pale skin, your freckles, your crazy-thick hair, your brown-almost-black eyes. Hold on to the confidence that you have now. 

8. It is almost never about you (borrowing this one directly from Lindsey). Everyone is wrapped up in their own issues & their own lives. Don't take it personally - it's really not about you. 

9. Be willing to apologize, and be willing to forgive. Hurt feelings happen. Try not to hold on to hurt, and don't hesitate to say (and mean) "I'm sorry." 

10. Take care of you. Don't let anyone tell you that it's selfish to want to be happy. Put your own oxygen mask on first. 

I love you, Hope Elizabeth. Happy Birthday!