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project life : week eighteen

hello monday 05.14.12

Hellomondayhello to a rather melancholy, just kinda "off" mood today. apparently i'm not hiding it well b/c my bff co-worked nailed it the minute that i walked in.

hello to delicious left-over broccolini salad mixed in with arugula. i could seriously eat this every day.

hello to finishing the opening pages of my Project Life : Volume 2 album last night. So very happy with it (after a brief amount of frustration over the 2.9 x 4 pockets)

Mondobeyondomanifesto(courtesy of Mondo Beyondo) Projectlife_v2

confession - I patted myself on the back for the brackets around the months thing. 

hello to juicing this am - apple, beet, celery, cucumber, and ginger. trying to get back into a routine of juice only until noon, then mostly raw until dinner. drinking green tea like it's my job to get me through.

hello to reading The $100 Startup in about 2 days. Crazy inspiring! 

hello to only 6 1/2 weeks until Costa Rica! Wooo hooo!

what are you saying hello to today?

(hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired practice)