05.07.12 : Hello Monday
photos on friday...

20 and 10.


On May 8, 1992, I was 21 1/2 years old.Today, the baby girl that made me a mommy is 20 years old. This fact has spun me over the past few weeks. Twenty. Two decades. The same age as when I married her father. It's unreal. 

Inspired by Lindsey's beautiful post, here are 10 things that I want my 20 year old daughter to know: 

1. I am so very proud of you. I can't say this enough. I'm fortunate to be your Mom.

2. Try to choose kindness. Life can be pretty unforgiving, and you'll likely meet people who will stop at nothing to get ahead. Choose to be kind.

3. Do what you love...even if it's not your primary paycheck. Passions are worth pursuing. 

4. It's okay to make mistakes. Figure out what to learn from them. Hindsight is always 20/20...let it help guide you moving forward. 

5. Please don't marry the first guy who tells you that he loves you. Trust me on this. ;) 

6. Travel, travel, travel. See Europe. Go to Hawaii. Enjoy the Caribbean. Travel as much as you possibly can. (and don't forget to send your mother a postcard!)

7. You are beautiful. Every single inch of you...your pale skin, your freckles, your crazy-thick hair, your brown-almost-black eyes. Hold on to the confidence that you have now. 

8. It is almost never about you (borrowing this one directly from Lindsey). Everyone is wrapped up in their own issues & their own lives. Don't take it personally - it's really not about you. 

9. Be willing to apologize, and be willing to forgive. Hurt feelings happen. Try not to hold on to hurt, and don't hesitate to say (and mean) "I'm sorry." 

10. Take care of you. Don't let anyone tell you that it's selfish to want to be happy. Put your own oxygen mask on first. 

I love you, Hope Elizabeth. Happy Birthday!