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weekly eats.

As I mentioned on Friday, I've been anxious to get back to actual cooking. It occurred to me today that my Mom probably thinks that I make up all the food that I talk about here - since she saw no evidence of my cooking skills while I visited. (She did, however, witness my coffee-drinking & cupcake-eating skills. I'm a freakin' master.) So today, with an Easter Monday company holiday, a venti 3 honey latte, my Nook Color, and a moleskine journal...I set out to plan meals for the week. I'm going to backtrack in this post b/c I'm a fan of the full week. 

Salmonbrocollinisalad copySunday - Crab Risotto. No recipe - just a wild rice version of risotto that I picked up at the grocery store, a little parmesean, and a pound of crab legs. Side note: I think that buying crab meat is one of those worth the extra expense things - breaking open the crab legs is a pain.

Monday - Peppery Brown Sugar Salmon & Broccolini Salad (pictured above all close up b/c I was using my phone & was pretty excited about eating). Oh my goodness. I loved this meal. The salmon was absolute perfection. The salad? Cue angels singing. MAKE THIS SALAD. Seriously good. I had planned on taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow - but there are no leftovers. That's how good it was. Austin said "Uhm. I pretty much inhaled that dinner." (oh, and a note - I didn't have any day-old bread to make "rustic croutons", so I just cut/tore a few chunks of artisan wheat bread & sauteed a bit in olive oil. I actually think that I liked the softer bread better than I would have liked croutons. The broccolini & almonds already offer up a lot of crunch....so softer bread was a-okay.) 

Tuesday - I don't know how any food is going to live up to that salad. Slacker Sushi Bowls, I wish you luck.

Wednesday - I will be dining in O-hi-o, so it's tortellini on the homefront. 

Thursday - Not entirely sure when my flight comes in, but pretty sure that I'll miss dinner. I'll encourage grilled cheese, in honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. (also, note to self - Thurs is the 12th. Hmm. Will be interesting to do 12on12 while traveling.)

Friday - Cauliflower & Apple Soup

Saturday - perhaps a crustless kale quiche

Lunches will be a combo of kale salads, wheatberry salads, and probably a leftover sushi bowl - and Larabars while traveling.