hello Monday.
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I won't have time to put together project life spreads until the weekend. After 2 days at home, a couple loads of laundry, and exactly zero housecleaning, I'm boarding a plane again this morning. Flirting with exhaustion, (still) working through back pain, and being grateful for amazing friends who keep me sane (sane being a relative term). Sometimes life gets in the way of project life...and that's okay. 

A quick video from our trip to Texas & Oklahoma. Oh, and an explanation - my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last weekend. A few months ago, my brother emailed to say that he was going to plan a surprise party for them. My sister & I decided to crash the party from California & Vermont. Good times ensued (and no heart attacks were caused...always a concern when you're surprising folks!)...

Surprise! from Katrina Simeck on Vimeo.

We started the surprise with dinner on Friday night. The waitstaff was in on it, and led my parents right by us, then turned them around. You'll hear lots of cackling on the video...it was hilarious to watch my Mom's reaction. Throw in a surprise party the next day, plus visiting with friends & family...and you can understand my fatigue! I have a few hundred photos to wade through. :)