project life : week fifteen

project life : week sixteen

Week 16 in slightly crooked, kinda dark pictures...
W16full*I don't particularly like that Frosh card. It might require a do-over. It's the text of an email that Hope sent me about scoring a frosh leader position at university next year.  W16leftbrunch with miss sarah, another doctor's appt, a spring-y day...y'know, all that normal stuff. W16spinestill loving the day of the week element from Design EditorW16insertonly 1 small insert this week - the content card from my Conscious BoxW16rightmore travel this week. i somehow didn't manage to get pics of dinner with chloe, or ice cream with kelly. (the new "if a tree falls" question - if photos weren't taken, did the memories happen? ha!) i did, however, manage a pic with a dear new friend... W16priscillaso thrilled to meet & chat with Priscilla Warner, author of Learning to Breathe. You'll hear me talking a lot about her (& the book) in coming weeks. 

And that, friends, brings me current with Project Life. As I photographed these pages this morning, I decided that this album is begging to be complete (the physical album...not the project.) So...I'll be splitting the year into thirds. I need a logical break point, and four months feels right. Pondering what changes I might make in album #2 - maybe a different tactic with the weekly date cards, maybe a switch-up in page protector styles (although Design A is still sold out, right?). I still love this project.